Tuesday, December 25, 2007

merry merry, everyone

This Christmas day is coming to a close. We've had enough to eat for a week, I swear! Everything was tasty and delicious but I forgot to make some mashed potatoes with margarine instead of butter so Jonah couldn't enjoy my famous-with-the-kids dish. Sorry, Jonah. I wasn't thinking.

Everyone was happy with the presents they received. The kids were mega-spoiled, of course. It's a tradition. Richard spoiled me big-time, too. Somehow he managed to purchase a framed giclee of an oil painting that I fell in love with about 2 years ago at a gallery in Orlando. I had been keeping in contact with the gallery until they emailed to tell me that it had sold. Richard returned to the gallery while he was there for work and arranged to buy one of the 50 giclees. I was so shocked when I came downstairs and saw it hanging on the wall! What a sweetheart he is and so thoughtful. I forgot all about the painting, thinking it was unattainable. Here is a picture of the painting; it is called 'Timeless' and is by the artist Edson Campos. You can view his web page here.

Richard was surprised to see that I covertly purchased a very nice sport jacket from a store that we visited while we were in Niagara By The Lake. It is an Irish store where everything is made in Ireland. This jacket is hand woven and is so incredibly soft. He looks so dapper in it!

From what I'm reading on my friends' blogs this hasn't been a very pleasurable Christmas for some. One of my friends, Donna, was supposed to fly to Michigan from California and got bumped from her over-booked flight so she was unable to come. What a disappointment. And from the sounds of 2 other friends' blogs, a friend's shoulder is what they could use most.

This time of year can be so hard to get through without getting caught up in the stress. Little things turn into big things and then big things explode. Trying to keep sane through it all can be very draining.

My daughter's good friend traveled to North Carolina to be with his dying mom and she passed away at 3 a.m. Christmas morning. I send him and his family my condolences. Not a very happy Christmas. My daughter traveled down to meet the mom a few years ago and her friend said that his mom kept a picture of my daughter in her room. How touching.

So here is my wish for all of my family and friends for 2008:

May you keep your head above financial waters, your mind in a peaceful state, your bodies healthier than ever, and your loves close to you forever. Above all, may you all keep things in perspective knowing what is truly important. Love you all...

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Panty lines!

Okay. I'm all for a woman's right to go topless wherever a man can. But check out this new Japanese fashion trend. It jumps over a line, I think. That line is 'class.' I'm talking about the skirts. The scarves don't even deserve comment.