Thursday, May 28, 2009

May birthday bash

May is a busy month for us with three birthdays, all within 6 days. Hannah turned 13 on the 17th, Chelsea turned 25 on the 22nd, and Richard the big 5-0 on the 21st. We celebrated with a big birthday bash on Saturday, the 23rd, with live music, good food, and fire juggling. I tried to keep it a surprise for Richard but there was no way that I could pull it off. While Sarah, Jonah, and I were hanging the birthday banner from the garage, he walked out and we yelled 'Surprise!'

So, of course, what else would Richard think to do but write a speech! Writing is becoming his life of late (watch for his book "Surviving Cyber War" due out in August, I believe) so it just seemed an apropos time to pen a few words.

I just love this intelligent, humorous, caring man!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

A lot going on....

The race to the finishline is underway; the finishline being the end of the school year. This is such a head-spinning time of year with all the activities going on. I want to share a few videos and pictures of late.

Sarah and her very good friend Alissa Neff performed on stage for their very first 'gig.' They are both taught by Detroit's well-known blues guitarist, Robert Noll. Robert has played with some very big names in blues including Stevie Ray Vaughn. He's been around a long while kicking up some bad-_ss blues, if you don't mind me saying. Richard took lessons from Robert for a while, also.

Robert rented a bar for an afternoon/evening and had some of his students play. Here he is introducing Sarah and Alissa with their first song of four that they played. They did a great job and I'm very proud of them. I'll post the other songs as Richard makes them available.

Along with spring comes softball. Hannah's team is doing pretty well; I believe as of today they are 2 and 2. Here is a clip of Hannah crossing the plate after hitting her first home run of the season. She's a terrific hitter.

I've been able to start working on my gardens now that the Mother Nature is giving us quick shots of dry and warmer weather. I was working in one of the areas in the back today when the two cuties next door asked if they could come over. Of course, I love when they come visit and keep me company. They like to collect worms while I'm digging around in the dirt. Here are a couple pictures of Adorable 1 and Adorable 2.