Friday, November 30, 2007

My knickers are not in a stitch!

I just got back from England and the time change is catching up to me. I might fall asleep as I write this...

My very good friend, Veronica (see blog here), asked me to take part in listing 8 weird things about myself as she did in her blog. I am not so sure I can contain it to 8 but I will take the best of the bunch. I'm going to stretch the definition of 'weird' to include 'anal.' Sometimes I think I am more anal than weird. But you be the judge.

1.) I prefer to sleep during the day and stay awake at night (well, maybe not tonight). I might have been a bat in my last life, or maybe an owl.

2.) Loading the dishwasher and getting the most in as possible is a fun challenge for me. I will wait and wait to run it until I think every spot that could possibly hold a dish is taken. (See! Anal!)

3.) I happen to think women's breasts should be able to see the light of day the way a man's can.

4.) I notice people's teeth. Probably because I am so self-conscious of my own smile.

5.) I love washing my hands with sand. You've never felt a clean such as this.

6.) Someone playing with or doing my hair is the ultimate for me. That's why I love George so much; he always runs his hands in my hair and shakes it to see how it will look after he has cut it. He does this a lot. It's wonderful! He will shake my head so that my boobs jiggle which is okay because George favors men so it's just funny.

7.) I hate guns, violence, and war. I know that is not weird but it is something that is deep with me.

8.) I like to sing but Hannah always says, "Hey, Mom, who sings that song?" And when I answer with the name of the artist she says, "Let's keep it that way!." (I'm thinking of 'The Baby-Rocking Medley' by Rosalie Sorrels. It is a song of finding patience with children. I tried to find a link to it to post here but came up empty. ITunes, you don't have everything!)

By the way, I'll be posting soon about my trip to England. Maybe tomorrow.

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Rosie the Riveted said...

We have GOT to get together and do coffee - or whatever! i'd love to hear about your trip!!