Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Waxing poetic on the refrigerator

Everyone's seen them, those magnetic word sets for the refrigerator that you use to make poems, sentences, or anything that suits your fancy. We have a set on our refrigerator and I'd like to share the inspiration that overcame the word-artistes in our family. I only wish I knew which child composed which saying or phrase.

I do know that I started it all with the following poem. (All the '/' you see denote the use of a separate letter.)


a symphony of languid moan/s
dream/y in their mean/ing
no frantic moment/s I will have
drunk in my garden play/ing

Now here are the rest of the works.

please smear only luscious chocolate lather

fluff still think/s like his puppy

eat then swim in honey

y not fall from my death

peach/es can sea my shadow

the blue milk is gone

rock these shake/ing gorgeous pink butt/s

purple sordid juice incubate/s

crush winter with ugly finger/s

why leave a man when his enormous apparatus fiddle/s a beauty/ful woman

worship a moon

after skin would white wind cry

you tell spring to iron rain

lie on her drool & you/r tongue will chant red flood/ed goddess

take not but stare at the bitter language

life shot the boy

I have black mist/ed dress/es heave in sweat

rob a gift club and lust repulsive/ly

lick raw meat & like it

i egg/ed pound/s

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detroit dog said...

Wow. I really love this stuff!

Especial/ly the way you have written it with the back/slashes; so very poet/ic


a new form of poetry: magnetism