Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A budding poet

Pride gushed through my veins with force the other day when my daughter, Hannah, shared a poem with me that she wrote for her language arts class. She said it was no big deal, that she threw it together in 4 minutes before class when she remembered it was due. Her name was mentioned in the afternoon announcements along with a couple other kids whose poems also caught their teachers' attention. Hannah's teacher wanted to have it published in the school newspaper but Hannah says she told her no, she didn't want it published.

So I thought I would publish it here. Her teacher gave her a "WOW! 10/10A."

Middle school
Above five, beneath nine
After innocence, before responsibility
Through the small doors, across from the big doors
That lead to confusing turns
Toward success


Marivic said...

This is stunning - you must be so proud! (I have 5 daughters, they're something else aren't they?)

Thanks for sharing.

Karen Ethier said...

Thanks, Marivic. We parents are so ready to fawn over all their accomplishments, aren't we?
Five girls! Wow!
My father said he cursed me with all girls so that I would get one just like me. I said thank you, girls are great! (I have 3.) And, yes, I got one just like me.