Sunday, April 12, 2009

Père Lachaise Cemetery

Back to that trip my daughter, Courtney, and I took in May of 2007 to Berlin and Paris. Gosh, it's been almost two years! It was so memorable and so much fun.

You can see the previous post here where I posted most of the Berlin pictures. Now I want to tell you about and show you pictures of our jaunt to Paris! It will be in several posts; I will need more time than I have right now to post all the pictures I want to.

One of the places we had to check out, of course, was the famous cemetery where Jim Morrison is buried. The name of it is Père Lachaise Cemetery. Lying along with our man Jimmy are a lot of famous people.

Famous French singer Edith Piaf is buried there. (If you haven't seen the movie about her life called La Vie En Rose I highly recommend you put it in your Netflix queue - right now...go ahead...take a break from reading this blog to do it...)

Also, Sarah Bernhardt, a famous French actress known as the most famous actress ever.

Frederic Chopin's grave was laden with flowers when we were there. I can imagine it always is.

Of course the famous French mime
Marcel Marceau is buried there but I don't have a picture of the grave nor do I of Gertrude Stein, famous American author.

I do have pictures of Jim Morrison's grave. His grave deserves special attention:
A GUARD! There were actually two hanging around the site; one walked away to the camera's left when he saw me ready to shoot.
This is the famous destination for many American travelers:
I have to say that I was a really disappointed but I guess I envisioned a more 'celebrated' grave site. There were definitely signs of vandalism. Hence the guards, obviously.

Of all the graves I saw I was taken aback when I saw Oscar Wilde's grave. It is COVERED in lips! Kisses for Oscar. There are so many that it's hard to make out his engraved name here:
A close up:
Some leave roses and other trinkets:
Obviously these people have paid no attention to this sign. Here it is up close:
The whole gravestone is quite impressive:
Not all the pictures I took were graves of famous people. I got a kick out of these two family members side-by-side:

I couldn't really figure this one out, whether it was trying to make a statement or not. I feel as though there is a story here...
Here is the sweetest thing we saw in the cemetery, a fuzzy guy keeping everyone warm. The graveyard cat:
More to come...visit soon!


detroit dog said...

I love cemeteries.

Karen Ethier said...

Yes, they are a combination of visual art and a feeling of peace. But they can be eerie, too, and this one was a combination of all three.