Monday, May 24, 2010

The cuteness next door

There are two little girls that live next door to me that I have adopted as my 'psuedo' granddaughters. They are so incredibly cute and smart and precious. Jordan is 7 years old and Sydney is 3. I love the fact that they feel they can come-and-go as they please at my house and when the weather is nice their parents often find them 'over at Karen's house' when they thought the girls were in their own front yard. Here are a couple of pictures of Sydney taken on Saturday, May 22nd. One of the first things Sydney said was "Karen, I'm hungry." in a some-what shy voice. "Well, what do you feel like eating?" I asked her. "A peanut butter and banana sandwich!" "Okay! I'm glad I have those fixings!"

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Anonymous said...

What a cutie!! You make a GREAT "psuedo" Grandma!
Tina Cochran
Gramma TJC