Friday, September 2, 2011

Stuffed chicken recipe

I made a yummy stuffed chicken dish yesterday. Here it is:

Skinless boneless chicken parts, your choice (I used one breast and four thighs)
Italian dressing, your choice (I used creamy Italian from Jets Pizza)
Bread crumbs (I put toasted multigrain French baguette in a food processor)
Ham ribbons
Swiss cheese

After rinsing the chicken, I sliced the chicken breast through the center lengthwise to form a pocket. For the thighs, I just rinsed them. After letting the water drip from the piece, I dredged them in flour. For the thighs I just dredged the outer side of 2 of them to start. Next I dipped the dredged pieces into the dressing, both sides for the breast and just the flour side for the thighs. They were then coated with the bread crumbs, again both sides for the breast and the flour side for the thighs. I placed them into a glass baking dish that was sprayed with olive oil spray, breadcrumb side down for the thighs. Then I took the ham and tucked it into the pocket of the breast and over the unbreaded side of the thighs. The cheese was placed over the ham. For the breast I just closed the pocket. For the thighs I took the remaining two thighs and coated the one side with flour, dressing, and crumbs just as I did the first two. I placed the uncoated side over the ham and cheese stuffing on the first two thighs.
Bake at 350 for 45 min

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