Wednesday, October 10, 2007

And he's a supreme court justice...

I know this post is not about my travels but bear with me. I have to blow off a bit of rekindled steam.

Would you, knowing that you got away with something by the skin of your ass, and after 16 years, stir the pot again? Clarence Thomas is even dumber than I first thought while listening to his confirmation hearings. And I couldn't have thought lower of his lying ass then. (Sorry for all the ass.)

I'm sort of glad he has written this whining, oh-woe-is-me book. It is forcing all those sorry senators to face the music - they confirmed someone who clearly was not fit to sit.

Please check out this interview with Angela Wright on NPR. She was the women waiting in the wings to testify in support of Anita Hill.

It just amazes me sometimes how many unqualified people lacking any ounce of integrity gain power.

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Rosie the Riveted said...

Write more, Girl! You go!!