Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Do I dare

Some subjects are hard to bring up and talk about even with good friends because I'm afraid that I won't get my point across in just the way I want to. Politics and religion usually fall into this category.

My husband was (maybe still is) a bit of a Ron Paul fan. When I first heard of him and did a bit of reading, usually through, I thought I finally found a candidate that speaks some sense. Ron Paul made a lot of sense to me when he spoke about how government is too big and our leaders do not govern in line with the Constitution. But then I did more reading and found out that he, an educated OB/GYN, is anti-choice. This told me that Ron Paul really doesn't 'get it' when it comes to understanding the Contitution. Yes, I am a prime-issue voter. I could never vote for someone who is anti-choice because it feels as though they hold shackles over my head as a woman. Now, I could vote for someone who would never have an abortion but believes that it should be a personal choice. That, to me, is someone who 'gets it.'

Someone posted a superb article on reddit that was written by a Canadian doctor,
Garson Romalis (right). This article helps me get my point across about some aspects of my pro-choice views. What a brave person he is.

I'm always perplexed at men that have anti-choice views. I can bet that most of these men don't view their sperm as 'living humans.' But they'll gladly 'donate' them to whatever female suits their fancy at the time. "Here! Have these! But, if you get pregnant, I get to tell you what to do."

I visited my mother last night. She's 73. She commented to me after hearing something on the local news how she thinks this country is becoming a communist country. "Before you know it, the government is going to tell you the kind of pot to piss in!" I have to agree with her. There are too many laws governing our every move. I can only hope that my 4 daughters and all the granddaughters down the line have the option of a safe, legal abortion if they find it necessary. I can't imagine living in this day and age with the possibility of a botched abortion leading to death.

All of you who read this that might be leaning in the opposite direction as me, think about your daughters. And their daughters. And read Dr.
Romalis' article.

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Monty Frazer said...

I agree with you and your mom!