Thursday, February 21, 2008

Tigger does Boyne, Boyne

We took Tigger to the slopes and it turns out she's a natural! Hannah and her best buddy, Madeline (we nicknamed her Tigger because she is in constant, bouncy motion), did so well and had a ton of fun. Hannah has skied before but only about 4 times. This was Madeline's first time out and she couldn't get enough. Here's a video of Madeline (in the blue) and Hannah (in white pants and light purple coat) finishing up a run.

We left for this short trip on Tuesday, February 19, 2008 and came home Thursday, February 21. Lucky for Hannah that Madeline had the same winter break off of school. They don't attend school in the same city so it's never a given that they will have the same time off.

It's becoming tradition to stop at the Sugar Bowl on the way up, a quaint, down-home type restaurant in Gaylord. They're known for their raspberry pie and, among us, a waitress that wears her hair like Marge Simpson. Unfortunately, Marge must have had the day off when we were there.

On the corner of a main intersection in Gaylord was an ice sculpture that Richard and the girls explored.

We stayed in the Grand Lodge at Boyne Mountain which also has an indoor water park attached to it. The girls took advantage of all that fun the first day since we didn't have lift tickets until Wednesday. Richard went off to ski and I took the girls swimming.

On Tuesday evening we met up with a friend of mine, Diane Winchell, who lives up near Boyne Mountain. Diane and I went to high school together. (Or should I say we partied through high school together?) Diane is a 'professional-level' skier; she skis 3 days a week and also races. We did get to see her race on Wednesday night and I was quite impressed. Richard went skiing with her earlier that day and he said, "Finally, she just left me. I was too slow for her."
On Wednesday we started off on the tiny, tiny bunny hill with a cool moving ramp (no more tow rope!) to give Madeline a feel for the skis. Here we see Richard, Madeline, and Hannah suited up to go.
Richard was a good teacher and Madeline learned quickly. After 3 times on that hill we all headed for the other low-key hill. It's a nice, gradual hill that is long enough to require a chair lift.

After Madeline proved her proficiency, Richard took off for the more challenging slopes. And at that time the girls were ready for warming over hot chocolate.

Here are the snow bunnies!

Richard met up with us a few times on the hill en route to his chair lift. Off to the right as you're headed down the long hill that the girls and I were skiing on was a series of small up-and-down hills, a little more challenging than just skiing straight down. Here are the fearless three, having fun on the bumps!

I tried those bumps only to find that I couldn't slow down. I was going much too fast for my taste so I purposely crashed into the side wall which, as it turns out, was all ice. I survived with a bruise on the side of my knee. It was the only time I fell the whole day. The three of them made it look so easy!

Then it was time to chill-ax.
Here are a few silly shots of the girls in the hotel room acting like ninjas or something. Check out the picture of them showing off their muscles!
Before the girls headed back out for an evening ski, we went swimming in the other pool in the hotel. This one is part indoors - part outdoors with 2 Jacuzzis outside, also.
Hannah and Madeline decided they would get crazy and experience both ends of the temperature spectrum, cold and hot.

We had a great time and hope to make it back next year with Madeline and her whole family! Here are a couple parting shots, one in which Madeline is holding a special toy she won at the arcade.

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