Friday, March 7, 2008


Okay, you tell me what's wrong with this picture.

Sentenced to 6 months in jail for lying about using steroids: Marion Jones.

"Jones, who has been stripped of the three gold and two bronze medals she won at the 2000 Sydney Olympics, was sentenced to six months in jail and two years of probation for lying to federal investigators about her use of performance-enhancing drugs and about a check-fraud scheme that involved her former partner - Tim Montgomery." - AFP

And then there's this guy who has all but admitted to LYING UNDER OATH: Kwame Kilpatrick, yet still sitting as Mayor of Detroit.
"And here is what the people should reasonably be able to conclude from the records made public after the high court ruling: Kilpatrick lied under oath during a trial about his relationship with Christine Beatty, then his chief of staff, and their plans to fire a police officer whose investigation was getting close to their affair." - Detroit Free Press

Don't these two cases, when compared, seem as though there is something wrong with our system? A young woman makes a bad choice about something that effects her own body and gets 6 months in jail for it and is stripped of her medals. And Mayor Kilpatrick gets...nothing. No punishment. He lied under oath! He's a frigging MAYOR! He's still wearing his 'medal.'

You can't even play the race card here; they're both African American but I guess if you are a political figure the rules change.

As for the issue of personal integrity, they both stink in my opinion. They both have a part of the world looking at and looking up to them. They are both individuals with a dream. It's just a shame that their determination to live their dreams has clouded their judgment and diminished their personal integrity.

But back to my point, if a person can be sentenced to 6 months in prison for lying about taking steroids, doesn't it seem a given that a mayor who lies under oath would lose his job and also be sentenced to punishment?

Maybe I just have a skewed sense of justice.


detroit dog said...

At first, I thought you meant that she has an "outie" belly button.


Well, she was taking (illegal) anabolic steroids.

However, I think the difference is that MJ is truly sorry. KK, on the other hand, keeps denying it and, I suspect, will never own up to it.


We'll see what happens. Should be interesting.

Karen Ethier said...

No, steroid use is NOT illegal. It's a prescription drug. OBTAINING it is usually illegal. You're right in that she is sorry and Kwame seems to think he is 'special' and doesn't have to own up to his discretion.

detroit dog said...

oops! I thought anabolics were illegal (still not quite sure how they differ from the other ones - which I took for 10 years for my lupus). Actually, the steroids that I took made distinct visual changes - increased fatty levels in the upper back and something they call "moon face." I wonder why this isn't so noticeable with the athletes. Anyway...

So, more on Kwame lately, eh? Just when you think - or at least hope - that it can't get any worse... (ha)

So I'll check into that jazz club and get back to you!

Rosie the Riveted said...

KWAME is an asshole. Shame they don't put people in jail for that. But what about the NINE MIL that was paid out? I keep wondering when they are gonna talk about that money getting paid back. I can't believe the dude hasn't been impeached yet!