Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Our summer vacation 2009: Lovesick lock

Our last night on the boat was spent at Lovesick lock.The above plaque reads:
The legend of Lovesick Lake There once was a romantic young Indian who was hopelessly smitten by the beautiful Irish lass Katharine O'Donahue. Rejected, the heart-broken Richard Fawn vowed to languish the rest of his days in solitude. With the plaintive wail of the loon echoing in the morning mist, the forlorn native paddled to a nearby island. Here he pined away for days until his anxious friends discovered him, pathetic and near exhaustion, and prevailed upon him to return home.

Our houseboat docked at Lovesick.

There were a few things different about Lovesick lock compared to the other locks we went through. Lovesick lock was right next to the dam. Also, Lovesick was in between two islands; the wardens must canoe to work.We were able to walk across the dam. On top there was a motor-driven crane that uses timbers to raise and lower the dam. Richard and Jonah were totally in their element checking it out and figuring out how it worked. Isn't it the way it goes - as we were pulling away the next day the warden of the lock was firing it up! I saw the look in Jonah's and Richard's eyes...they SO wanted to stop pulling away and watch but we thought we were under a time constraint so they relinquished their engineering interests.We went for a walk on the other side of the dam. There was a lot of poison ivy so Hannah and I opted to head back to the boat to read but I did get this picture before we turned around. The three of them ended up seeing a mink so I was bummed I didn't continue on.Here we are - lovestruck at Lovesick.The two teenage girls were trying to relay a story to the rest of us while we were playing games and...I don't know, you tell me. I can barely understand them for all their girlie screaming.

A night shot of the red stop light at Lovesick reflecting off the water.

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