Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Our summer vacation 2009: Model A Acres B&B

We had to turn the boat in on Friday with a plan to continue our journey to Niagra-On-The-Lake to take in a play, one of many offerings of the Shaw Festival. We had tickets for the Saturday performance of 'Sundays at the Park with George' but thought we would break up the drive by spending Friday night at a bed and breakfast along the way. I found one online called Model A Acres which turned out to be absolutely perfect.The owners, Luverne and Ian Baron, are perfect in their role as hosts being everything you hope to expect: friendly, inviting, accommodating.We had a wonderful stay. The room Richard and I stayed in was cleverly decorated with a headboard made from genuine Model A car parts with working headlights.Hannah and Sarah shared a bed in the room they call 'the loft' located right at the top of the stairs leading directly outside.Jonah, as always, had to sleep on the sofa bed in that room and claimed that it was quite comfortable.The bathroom was really cute, decorated in the 'old car' theme also with a mirror made from the grill of a car.The spacious grounds displayed Ian's passion for models of old cars and old planes. Ian built all the cars and planes you see here; he's been building since he was 12 years old. These photos should give you a feel for the grounds.

This one is actually a running car where as all the other cars above are just shells. Ian told us that the weekend previous to our arrival he had been, of all places, in Birmingham, MI, for the popular Woodward Dream Cruise. So he was just a mile-and-a-half away from where we live.A couple added bonuses to this B&B were the swimming pool and the trampoline. The girls and Richard enjoyed the pool and all the kids had fun bouncing and flipping on the trampoline. Richard commented that it was the cleanest pool he had ever been in.I caught Jonah mid-flip. This was the only time I've ever seen Richard get a bit nervous for his children during a physical activity.Thanks, Luverne and Ian, for a peaceful and relaxing stay. I would recommend Model A to anyone traveling to your area.
Oh! I forgot the second 'B' of B&B. The breakfast was wonderful starting with an abundance of fruit, yogurts of choice, homemade waffles, and bacon...yum! It was delicious and Luverne made a point of taking special orders.

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