Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Day three

Richard brought home a fresh loaf of rye bread today...this is going to be very difficult to resist. Maybe a 'modified' Atkins would be the best way to go. Hhhmmm. Bad boy, Richard!


detroit dog said...

Hi Karen,

Good luck with the Atkins diet; my Uncle (then 80) did it a few years back and lost about 50 pounds. Maybe it wasn't that diet. He got to eat "regularly" for 2 days every 11 days or something like that.

My concerns for you are: 1) You are starving your stored fats (therefore your body) to lose the weight; 2) your energy level! While proteins keep you going for the long haul, no carbs give you no 'perk' I think. (When I was 19, I was diagnosed hypoglycemic and told not to eat more than 60 carbs per day. I could stay awake, but had to give up jogging five miles every day and put on weight. So, I got off that and just watched what I ate and I do fine now - no hypoglycemia or diabetes).

Also, I think you already look great! Your certainly in wonderful shape re cardiovascular and muscle tone. (Add to that great hair, nice clothes....) Ya got the whole package, girlfriend!)

Karen Ethier said...

DD you are so kind! You'll be interested to read my blog for January 30th.