Sunday, January 20, 2008

Making sense of candidates

I just want to know why our two-party political system has evolved into one party standing for smaller government when it comes to taxes and getting involved in big business but larger government over our personal freedoms and the other party for lots of taxes and free rides but less intrusive into our personal lives. I want a party that is one of smaller government, less taxes but doesn't peek behind my bedroom door or walk into my doctor's office with me. Am I outside the box or are there more of you that think like I do?


detroit dog said...

eek! Karen. That's a mouthful! I'm not sure where I am on this one. Perhaps we need a third party. I think I'm in a different box than you. (Can we still get together and be friends?) :-)

Karen Ethier said...

Of course, DD! I'd be interested to hear your views cuz I bet, knowing you, you're outside the box, too. Maybe just a different box than me.

detroit dog said...

I think we need to have a meeting of the boxes soon! Perhaps a box-a-rama! Perhaps a "box-ing" match! (I'm trying to think of all these "box" phrases here!)

Talk with you soon. Hugs!