Monday, January 7, 2008

England, November 2007; Chapitre un: Marlow

Well, this is over a month overdue. Good things are worth waiting for though!

Richard had to go to England just after Thanksgiving so I tagged along and we went a few days earlier than he had to be there. Our first stay was in a city called Marlow. It's located right on the Thames River and is quite picturesque.

We stayed at a b&b called Glade End
House located just at the edge of the town.

We had a room just off the dining room that you see here through the window. The breakfast was pretty good although Richard and I cannot get used to English 'bacon.' It isn't bacon as we know it; it's Canadian bacon. The staff was very attentive during breakfast.

We walked through the quaint downtown on our way to the Thames, just at the end of this road.

We got lucky getting into this little cafe, Pips, for lunch just as they were going to quit serving. As in all of Europe, it seems, there are definite times to eat; it isn't like here in the States where you can find something to eat at any hour. Restaurants in Europe usually quit serving lunch at 2 or 3 pm and then don't reopen for dinner until 6 or 7 pm.

This was a facade to an old building along the walk from our b&b to the town. The texture of the wall was an interesting combination of brick and stone, if I remember correctly. From what we could tell, the doors are entrances to apartments.

Here is an alley that Richard is walking through en route to our walk along the Thames.

Typical townhouses along a typical street in Marlow, outside of the downtown area.

A lot of the homes and townhouses have names that are passed on from owner to owner. A new owner can change the name if he/she doesn't like the original one. Also, you will see signs such as this one posted on houses to mark the history of the building. Sorry this one is out of focus. It says, "Here lived Sir Evelyn Wrench, 1882 - 1966 Founder of the Royal Overseas League And English Speaking Union." Cool!

Richard walking to the Thames.

A lovely picture of a wonderful tree draping over the Thames.

I'm on the phone making dinner plans with someone who lives in the area that Richard worked with at Webroot.

So lovely, even with it being overcast.

There is a dam and lock system in Marlow.

The Marlow lock house.

The Marlow lock.

This is the bridge that crosses the Thames and leads into Marlow. We did get to catch a glimpse of the sun as it set. Bonsoir, sun!

Downtown Marlow at night. We're on our way to meet our friends for dinner... Chez Gerard. It was a great little place.

Here they are! Nick, his wife Debra, and Richard sitting at our table in Chez Gerard.

The bridge to Marlow at night all lit up and pretty!

"Marlow Suspension Bridge
by William Tierney Clark FRS MICE 1783 - 1852
Opened in September 1832
This bridge and the Szechenyi Chain Bridge linking Buda and Pest across the River Danube are the only surviving suspension bridges by William Tierney Clark"

Flood mark, March 1947

Richard on our walk after dinner.

A typical old building in downtown Marlow, established 1661, rebuilt 1877.

A street vendor, a Kebab man! Note the 'thank you' at the bottom of the sign. And they're not French fries, they're CHIPS!

Decisions, decisions!

Our second night we ate at a cool restaurant called Zizzi.

We were especially interested in their pizza oven. In the background you can see the stack of wood making up the wall. We couldn't tell if that was the wood used for the oven or not.

Inside Zizzi. You can see Richard's refection in the mirror ahead. He's standing with a white shirt on.

After dinner we walked through the town and found this monster tree.

Here and there we would see these mile markers. Just in case you want to know how far things are! All I know is that I'm about 3,700 miles from home and digging it!


detroit dog said...

I really like your bridge shots!

So, KE, what are "English Bacon" and "Canadian Bacon"? (Remember, I'm a vegetarian!)

Rosie the Riveted said...

Love all your posts!!!! I'm going to send this site on to my mum.

Rose's Mom said...

The Marly le Roi referred to on the milepost is Marlow's "Twin City", and the two communities trade visits etc. quite often. The bacon you should request is "streaky", as there are several different cuts available; the one you had would have been called "middle back" in my _admittedle early- day!

Karen Ethier said...

Thanks for all the clarifications, Rose's Mom! I'll remember to request 'streaky' bacon next time I go.