Tuesday, April 29, 2008

We're very proud...

He's made his decision and we are very proud of him. Jonah (my step-son, Richard's middle child) has decided to attend Michigan Tech in the fall. I personally think it was the perfect choice. He had to pick between University of Michigan and Michigan Tech.

Jonah is a budding 'hands-on' engineer. From all I have heard, Michigan Tech is far more hands-on than theory-based U of M. I think he will be much more satisfied with his education at Michigan Tech. It's far, yes, way up in Houghton, MI, in the upper peninsula but Jonah likes the cold and he loves to be outdoors doing stuff. It will be fun to visit him and sidetrack to Pictured Rocks.

Have a great 4 years up there, Jonah. We know you will shine academically and be a hit socially, too. We love you!

Did I mention how much I'm going to miss him?

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