Tuesday, July 29, 2008

July 29, 2008 - Bittersweet

With lots and lots (puddles) of tears, Chelsea is on her way to a new life. She and two friends are heading out to Las Vegas where they already have an apartment waiting for them. Chelsea has been terrific in all the organizing she's done to get this going but in the final days she has been pretty sad to leave. We've all been shedding a few tears but for me it's bittersweet. I hate to see her leave because, of course, I will miss seeing her so often but I am also happy that she's making her own way and turning life into an adventure. I've felt very proud of her during all this. Here are a couple pictures of her with her sisters.
The truck they hired to haul all their 'stuff' was HUGE! The owner of the truck was a very nice guy. He said that there would be 5 more people or families that he would be putting on the truck after Chelsea's. That is Colin, Chelsea's boyfriend, with her in this picture.Here is Mal inside the truck after about 1/2 the stuff was put on. Mal is the third person making the journey and quite a terrific friend.

The truck is all loaded; the three travelers posing for a picture.

I was inspired to pen a few poems, a couple of them specifically for Chelsea. Here they are.

The first one I wrote for all my daughters, Courtney, Chelsea, Sarah, and Hannah. It doesn't have a title yet.

Awkward change unspoken
Through frenzied moments of exasperation
The journey has been taken by all before
But knowledge cannot be passed on

Be mindful and curious
Be watchful and suspicious
Be bold and unnerving
Be reverent and unfailing

Be honored
Be humbled
Be strong
Be sure

Most importantly

The next one was written for Chelsea. It has a title, simple as it is.

To Chelsea

Every moment cannot hold
The happiness we long for
But if we tread with thoughtful step
There'll be not less but more

Choices are but not a gift
For they are ours to own
When we seek what's in our heart
All happiness is known

Stumbling can only help
To clarify the way
When we fall we rise back up
The path more clear than day

This is what I hope for you
My child of blood and love
That you will choose not only fun
But ALL that brings you love!

And this last one was written specifically for Chelsea, also.

Take With You

Take with you a lust for life
Take with you a longful hope
Take with you my 'mother's' dream
That helps you for to cope
Take with you sweet memories
Take with you sweet thought
Take with you all of us
For in our lives you're caught
In all of this, most of all
What I wish for you is
To take my love to wear within
Every inch of you.

So go, my child, knowing you have strong support and endless love from your family. We will miss you terribly but remember to have fun!

I love you.

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detroit dog said...

Sweet! "Take with you" is indeed very bittersweet. Good for you - and your girls - for being so very supportive of and hopeful for them. You're a good mom.

Let's catch up this weekend, K.