Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Pack 'em up, move 'em out!

That's what we did in early August - packed as much as we needed (and then some), squished the kids into the rental and shipped out to Hilton Head, South Carolina. Our original plans of renting a narrowboat and cruising the canals around Oxford, England, had to be put on hold until next year because of the price of oil, which drove up the price of plane tickets. We had to do something more frugal. Head to the water, Richard exclaimed! Richard is always happy if he's around water, preferring to be in it on a sailboat.

(This post will be edited later, as soon as I find the rest of my pictures! So check back again.)

Before we could head off, we had to rid our car of the critter that had adopted our porch as home for a few days before we left for our trip. This guy, named Jack by Richard, hung out on our front porch for about 3 days, this after Jonah encouraged Sarah to feed it a can of tuna!! While we were packing up the car he thought he would try to bum a ride to his next destination: unknown. He was a really nice kitty but we were packed full and couldn't find a spot for him.

On the way down we stopped at a cute little local diner, Rosalie's Diner, in Strasburg, Ohio, on Wooster Rd. (I love saying 'Wooster!')
The waitress was a real hoot. She was as 'Southernly-hospitable' as they come. Jonah was quite impressed with the fare; he was coming down with a cold and the soup was just perfect.
That night we stopped at a Hampton Inn in Hillsville, VA.
Lucky for the fish of the family that they had a pool.
Jonah wasn't up to swimming so he sunk his nose into his book.
The first thing we did when we finally got to the condo was walk down to the water. At that time in the evening there were dolphin swimming around, popping up here and there. It was fun to watch them, hoping they would come closer.
For the most part, we spent our time on the beach during the day. Jonah bowed out the first day at the beach as he was sick with a cold. We ended up taking him to the island clinic and he was diagnosed with an upper respiratory infection. Here you can see Sarah, Hannah, and Richard (floating in the salt water) playing in the waves.
The second day on the beach Jonah was able to join us. Richard and Jonah rented a sailboat and took that out for an hour. Sarah switched places with Jonah on the boat at one point but, unfortunately, I didn't get any pictures of them on it. But Richard and Hannah got busy later building a sand creation.
That's Jonah on the left in the water with Hannah and Sarah making their way back in.Here's Hannah heading out to catch the waves!
Sarah asked her dad to put sunscreen on her but she didn't mean THIS MUCH!
Lunch on the beach - maybe - if I don't steal your sammy!
Hannah and Jonah both learned how to do cartwheels on this trip.

Wind-worn after a day on the beach.
And here's Richard, looking all spiffy after a shower and lots of sun!
After we returned to our room, the girls thought it would be fun to take a bubble bath in the jacuzzi.
Here is a shot of Hannah seen through a window. I was trying to spook them! That picture was taken right before she changed into her jammies and decided to turn into a ghost!! Ahhhh!
I got such a kick out of the fact that there is a Piggly Wiggly on the island. This is SO out of my childhood. Although I had never been to one, you would hear of them on shows like The Andy Griffith Show. I had to get a few pictures!
Don't you just love the check-out lane markers! We had to go into the Piggly Wiggly to get Sarah a birthday cake. We couldn't find a bakery but that was okay because Sarah got to pick out her favorite cake, chocolate with chocolate! (She's female all the way!)
Here are a few pictures taken at one of the restaurants we ate at on the island. We did a lot of cooking right in our condo. Oh, it was a Marriott. We had to sit through one of those hour and a half sales pitches to get a really good rate on the place. Jonah came with us and he had some really great questions for the guy.
We spent one day in the city of Savannah, Georgia. It was less than an hour drive so it was convenient and gave us the opportunity to show that city to the kids. While we were there we had lunch, did a little shopping, and took a boat ride down the Savannah river. This is a picture of a tug boat that passed us by.
Richard is always smiling when he's on a boat.
The freight traffic here is the 6th busiest in the U.S. and is predicted to be the 2nd busiest in a few years.
The kids on a street in Savannah.
Throughout the city of Savannah they have these parks called squares. They seem to each be dedicated to some part of history or some person in history.
This is a typical sign that could be found at the restaurant we had lunch at.
I took this picture as we were leaving Savannah, crossing a bridge to South Carolina. Savannah is on the right.
We took a walk at night on the beach.
This next picture was taken with a flash but it was not raining. The particles you see were the particles of humidity. The air was so humid all the time. I tried turning off the air conditioning in our condo one day only to find that the tile floor in the kitchen became dangerously covered in moisture.

Here's some normal teenage sassiness!
I'll end with this video of the pool at our condo complex. Those are Sarah and Hannah in the pool.

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