Friday, September 26, 2008

Today's count

My walk today found pretty much the same as yesterday. The count was 9-35-5. That's 9 Obama lawn signs, 35 houses for sale, and 5 McCain lawn signs.

I was surprised by the lower numbers of signs but not surprised at the higher number of houses for sale. I walked in a neighborhood south of Eton Rd where the lots are only 40 feet wide as opposed to 50 feet here on my side of Eton.

The distance walked on the 4 streets today that I did this count on is actually less than the distance of the streets walked yesterday even though I walked the same total distance. This is because I walked a half-mile each of Eton and Adams roads which have no homes on them. Yesterday's walk was all done on neighborhood streets.

So, again, OBAMA WINS!

Oh, and can you believe McCain's wimpy-ass attempt to get out of debating Obama? Like everyone on Capitol Hill needs his input, he being one of 100 senators. He's a scaredy-cat who knows his rhetoric
[1.(in writing or speech) the undue use of exaggeration or display; bombast.] falls short of expressing anything intelligent. And now, according to NPR this morning, his campaign staff is trying to get him to backpedal because they understand that this tactic is backfiring.

Go for the throat, Obama!

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