Thursday, October 9, 2008

Ahhh! I found a McCain foothold

Today I walked in a new neighborhood for me; it's in my city but about 2 miles from my house. This neighborhood is probably 2 levels above mine. This is where the norm is to have a 3 car garage and where there were a number of houses that had 4 car and more car garages. One house I passed had 6 cars in the driveway. I looked around the side of the house to see if it was possibly a house that rented out space but couldn't come to any conclusions.

So here is today's count: 12 Obama yard signs, 9 houses for sale, and 13 McCain signs. This is the first walk that showed more McCain signs than Obama. Tomorrow I plan on walking in this same area only on different streets.

One uplifting thing I saw was 2 - count them - 2 - houses SOLD! Those house were not included in my 'houses for sale' count. Just to see those 4 letters on the signs were encouraging. I would like to know how much they sold for and what they were worth 4 years ago. We feel very fortunate to be planning on staying in our house for at least another 6 years, until my daughter, Hannah, is out of high school. Possibly by then the market will turn around enough for us to make KILLING (you know, able to pay off what we owe).

We're at the bottom, right? No where to go but up.

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