Monday, October 13, 2008

More counts

I have two walks to report on. Friday's walk was in the same area as my October 9th post, a more affluent neighborhood. It's a very nice area and I saw a couple homes that would suit me just fine. The count on Friday showed the same outcome as the count on the neighboring streets, 12 Obama yard signs, 9 houses for sale, and 13 McCain lawn signs. So a very minute lead for McCain.

Today's walk was a repeat of the previous walk on September 25th. I wanted to see how the signage was comparing given that a bit of time has elapsed. On September 25th the count was 21 signs for Obama and 10 for McCain. The number of houses for sale was 26. I walked the same 3.8 mile route today and found 29 signs for Obama, 20 houses for sale (no sold signs so I'm thinking the other 6 have just taken their houses off the market or I miscounted), and 19 signs for McCain. So we had 8 new signs for Obama and 9 new for McCain and Obama keeps his lead.

It's an interesting thing to do on a walk; it keeps me hoofing it with a rhythm. I'm sure when people see me with my lips moving they either think I'm talking on a blue-tooth phone or singing to myself. Oh, well.

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